Experiment: Xerox Accelerated Mania Syndrome.

Source: QuickLol
Also known as exams. The most terrifying period of the year for students and everyone else who’s got to go through a series of examinations in order to prove their worth. An undying custom of torturing the brave. That time of our lives when all we have to do is think of a way to master everything in a short amount of time. Or maybe, just revise all of our knowledge.

Call it whatever, for I will call it a plague that’s still spreading, ravaging our souls and inflicting despair with each fallen victim. By day, it gains an enormous advantage as it crawls out of its fearsome hiding place and jinxes everyone getting in its way. It will eat us alive, I dare say. So, run for your lives!

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Motivate. De-motivate

There are always those days when you don’t feel like doing anything at all. All you want to do is lay in bed and think of nothing. Or better yet, sleep and give your brain a good rest. It’s one of those days when all you wish is to get rid off all the tiring thoughts that worn you out.
But you can’t. And that frustrates you the most.
Well, lately, I found myself a victim of these days. No matter how much I struggled to find some motivation to write and read, along with doing some chores, I failed. I only ended up spamming my Facebook page with a bunch of quotes.

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