Angels in Disguise


Again, I have to apologize for not writing anything in a while. Apparently, some issues took over my time. Yet, thanks to those issues, I am now writing on the next subject: friends.

How did I come to write about friends now? Well, the answer is quite simple. There are times when I realize that I am overly friendly with people around me and I rush into calling them my friends, when, in fact, they are still some strangers, or actually acquaintances. It seems that I never learn my lesson and that I still keep giving everyone more than they deserve. A lot more. Continue reading “Angels in Disguise”


Scardy Cat

Hello again! I am back with news!
Today started off nicely, since I finally managed to watch a film with my best friend since yesterday we didn’t manage to do it, due to my having some Internet issues.
After postponing our film night for a couple of times, we decided to watch The Woman in Black (2012), as someone has warmly recommended me.  Now, my dear best friend loves horror films, while I am not a very big fan of them. But even so, a thought engraved itself into our minds: this is gonna be fun! Were we perhaps mistaking? No, not a chance!

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