The writer

I was born and raised in a corner of Europe, to a family of two—a mother and a father (just because I’m not gonna count my grandparents here), whose viewpoints proved to be pretty similar to the stereotypical Asian parents. I spent most of my life in two different areas of the country, away from my family, since higher education required such sacrifices.

Once I graduated from one of the best high schools in my area, I moved away from home once again, as I began my studies at a Prestigious University. Contrary to what one may think, I did not major in creative arts.

Writing came as a hobby, though I have always dreamt of becoming a professional in the field. Occasionally, I draw too.

My interests include cultural differences, foreign languages, and literature.

The blog

As far as this blog is concerned, I must say that it comes as an addition, an experiment, a secret (but not so secret) diary where I return from time to time to unleash some of my thoughts and ideas.


Drop me a line.

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