Angels in Disguise


Again, I have to apologize for not writing anything in a while. Apparently, some issues took over my time. Yet, thanks to those issues, I am now writing on the next subject: friends.

How did I come to write about friends now? Well, the answer is quite simple. There are times when I realize that I am overly friendly with people around me and I rush into calling them my friends, when, in fact, they are still some strangers, or actually acquaintances. It seems that I never learn my lesson and that I still keep giving everyone more than they deserve. A lot more.

Anyway, these past few days I discovered that while I thought I knew someone well enough to at least call him a friend, the truth was that I, in fact, didn’t. Losing a friend, or discovering that you were actually wrong in believing that someone is your friend, is always painful.

In my case, I was stupefied to learn that this person I am talking about doesn’t actually know what a friend is. What he is mostly doing is this: he confuses a friend for an acquaintance.

What is a friend?

A friend is an Angel in disguise. Friends are rare to find nowadays. They are our precious jewels. Friends are not only the people we share ideas and common interests with, but also those creatures who show us how much they care about us. Friends are those who give us their full support when we need it and those who scold us, when we do something wrong.

Yes, a friend is someone you can share a lot of things with, but you should never forget that a friend is someone who also cares deeply for you and who, no matter what happens, will stay by your side and will do his/her best to help you out, when you are in need. Also, a friend is the one who is also there with you during the happy times.

Friendship doesn’t only relate to keeping each other company during the lonely periods of the day. Friendship is based on feelings. Superficial things such as a common passion and the fact that you can see someone or the fact that you like their appearance doesn’t turn your relationship with that person into friendship. Not at all.

Online Friendship

Having friends in cyberspace has become pretty common nowadays. Wherever you look, whoever you ask, you will notice the same phenomenon taking place. Through social media, we meet others who are more or less like us. From sharing the same passion to having the same views on world and even similar personalities.

Social media made things easier for us. In a way.

The Internet allowed us to meet with people from miles away, to befriend them and learn so much more about their world and about ourselves as well. Even though it’s full of dangers, Internet is still a good way of discovering new worlds and new friends.

The temptation remains. Mistaking friends for strangers and mistaking friends for acquaintances is an easy thing to do.

However, you can still tell apart who is your friend there and who isn’t. Take Facebook, for example. Most people just add a bunch of others only to increase the number of their friends. But then again, there are also people who actually look for real friends. Just because it happens in cyberspace, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t true.

It doesn’t even matter if you can see how the person looks like, or how they sound like. All that matters is the connection between you and them, the significance. Even if there is a great difference separating you, the trust that bonds you together, the mutual feelings of care and all of the other little superficial things, such as passions, will tie you together forever.

Not to mention that sometimes, those people who are far away from us care for us more than those who are closer, or even at a step away from us.

Well, I will end this post here, for the moment, since I am somewhat tired and I need some rest (hopefully this made sense).
Until the next time.

PS: This was reposted from my old blog on Blogger.


4 thoughts on “Angels in Disguise

  1. Oh, that’s a tough one. Yes, it’s pretty painful to realize that someone you does not, in fact have the same depth of feeling for you that you have for them. Next thing you know, you realize that you’re the one who always makes the phone calls, or the plans to meet up, or works your schedule around their needs.

    And so you stop trying so hard, and next thing you know, you never see them anymore and their social media is filled with stories of other people and other events.

    Or so I’ve heard. 😉

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  2. I love this. And I agree to most of what you’ve written in here.

    I too, also mistaken an acquiantance for being a close friend, to the point of calling it as my soulmates. But then again, whether it gone wrong in the end, what important are the lessons that we’ve learned from that friendship, and the things to avoid, and should do if you’ve found the ‘right people’ whom you can really call as friends.

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