Scardy Cat

Hello again! I am back with news!
Today started off nicely, since I finally managed to watch a film with my best friend since yesterday we didn’t manage to do it, due to my having some Internet issues.
After postponing our film night for a couple of times, we decided to watch The Woman in Black (2012), as someone has warmly recommended me.  Now, my dear best friend loves horror films, while I am not a very big fan of them. But even so, a thought engraved itself into our minds: this is gonna be fun! Were we perhaps mistaking? No, not a chance!

In a few minutes we got everything set and after a short countdown, we played the film. The opening struck us from the very beginning. We were waiting to be surprised, astonished, scared, happy, anything you’d expect from a film you’re watching for the first time.
“It’s off to a good start.” I thought, waiting to be startled any second, after the ghosts came in that is. “Something will happen now!” A gasp from her, a twitch from me. I’ll get scared. With every scene that followed the appearance of the woman in black, a shiver went down my spine, and with each screechy sound I made, another tease followed from my dear friend.
A lot of jokes continued to be issued by each of us, until the end of the film and afterwards too. “The woman in black will be our maid. We’ll live in that deserted mansion and we’ll take walks throughout the place. It’s gonna be lovely.” My dear friend tells me. Yet, as far as I am concerned, I’m reluctant to sharing my home with a ghoul. Just the thought of it makes me shiver. Brrr…
When the film ended, we were flabbergasted. We slightly expected it to finish like that, but then again, it was the perfect way to end everything. It was the most suitable way of making the spectators’ hearts throb like never before.
Now, I am not going to spoil the film for you, guys. Therefore, I will only leave two words to describe it: beyond expectations. I totally recommend it.
Oh, and one more thing before I leave. We have also decided to watch the sequel somewhere in February 2015, after it will be out. You can have a look at the trailer bellow.
This is all for now, folks! Have a nice day~!
PS: This blog post was transferred from Blogger (which hosted my blog previously). As an edit, I’d like to add that we still didn’t get to watch the sequel. Why? First of all, due to the lack of time. Second of all, I am  too scared to watch it.

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