Motivate. De-motivate

There are always those days when you don’t feel like doing anything at all. All you want to do is lay in bed and think of nothing. Or better yet, sleep and give your brain a good rest. It’s one of those days when all you wish is to get rid off all the tiring thoughts that worn you out.
But you can’t. And that frustrates you the most.
Well, lately, I found myself a victim of these days. No matter how much I struggled to find some motivation to write and read, along with doing some chores, I failed. I only ended up spamming my Facebook page with a bunch of quotes.

Aside the fact that I woke up late, a lot much later than I planned to, I found myself extremely tired, rather than refreshed. Oversleeping has never helped me before and it didn’t help me now either. Instead of recovering the hours of sleep I lost until the present day, I ended up being more and more tired.
I would call the whole thing brain fatigue, because lately, all the events I went through affected me more than I expected. Apparently, I can’t concentrate as much as before and my thoughts become more and more tangled. But it can’t be helped. 
Anyway, during the past few days, maybe even weeks, my life has changed once again. Most likely, I will cover this subject up in a future post. I will think about it.
The reason why I became even more frustrated than before is quite simple, actually. Since I grow busier and busier by the day, the time I have for doing what I enjoy the most (reading and writing) becomes less and less. Not to mention the fact that I also lost my motivation lately.
I can’t seem to bring myself to write much and I can’t do my paper work either. However, little by little, I hope to be able to cope with everything.
And I know I will.
Now, I feel like I should share a few tips (that I should follow more, myself, too) for you here, as well.

1. Take a break

This might look as if you procrastinate even more. But, believe me, you need to take a break. You can go outside, for a walk. Maybe meet up with some friends. Try to read a book. Listen to some music, but not the same songs you already listened to so many times. Try to find some new ones because that will refresh your mind too. Try to stay away from your computer screen, eventually your phone too, for a few hours.
Now, since I didn’t do this today, my head hurts. I had to read some notes that I took on my laptop and that wasn’t the best idea. However, the songs I’ve listened to helped me some more.

2. Talk to your friends

Sometimes, talking to your friends about your issues help you relieve stress. And the fact that you lack motivation to do whatever you gotta do is caused by problems you’re facing. Don’t be afraid to discuss the whole matter with your friends.
Even though you are not sure what it is that causes your mood to be like that, just expressing it, just telling your friends how it feels like, helps. I, for one, did that today. I talked to two of my friends about what was bothering me and now, I feel better.

3. Drink plenty of liquids

I have always had an issue with drinking liquids. I never drink enough and that affects my concentration too. It is important to hydrate yourself. Water is the essence of everything. More or less.  Water will refresh all of your senses. Sometimes, headaches are caused by dehydration, all the more reason to drink more water.
For me, who don’t drink as much water as I should, this is a major issue most of the times. Yet, I try to fix it.

4. Take a shower

Showers are always refreshing. They help you relieve stress and physical tension. They often say that water washes away all of your stress and cares, so give it a go. Refresh yourself by taking a shower whenever you feel fatigued. However, try not to shower too often because it has a series of downsides too. For example, it could affect your skin and could drive away the good bacteria, which is necessary for a good skin development, I’d say.
I’ll end this post here, since I have to return to my paper work now. Until the next time!
PS: What do you usually do to relieve stress and get some motivation to do things?

Drop me a line.

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